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Shannon's continued success is built on quality,
reliability and honesty in all circumstances

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Shannon is well established as the UK agent for leading European companies, marketing, selling and developing technical products for ventilation, heat protection, heat insulation, noise reduction and vacuum lifting applications. Shannon is rightly known as the market leader in some of these areas.

Quality, reliability and honesty

Shannon's continued success is built on quality, reliability and honesty in all circumstances.
One of the main objectives of the organisation is to grow its customer base by applying these same principles. We look to all our customers and suppliers as partners in development, as well as business, both parties providing an arena for continuous improvement, growth and mutual success.


Our team of experienced staff, all of whom have areas of specialist responsibility, are able to advise on a wide range of different solutions and can provide both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions dependant on the customer requirements. This experience is built over many years and our low staff turnover rate continues to ensure that our customers benefit from this increasingly valuable resource.

Products for Automotive, Commercial and Off-Highway Vehicle Applications

Heat shields and thermal insulation - Shannon supplies a wide range of high-quality off-the-shelf OEM products and also makes bespoke developments for engine heat shielding and component heat protection, thermal insulation of turbo charger and exhaust lines as well as exhaust gas after-treatment systems.

Ducting for noise-reduction, hot/cold air transfer and exhaust gas extraction - Shannon ducts cater for air intake systems where noise reduction is a priority as well as for hot and cold air movement and exhaust gas extraction. Lightweight and flexible in design and simple to use in application. Available in a wide range of diameters.

Products for the Petrochemical, Process and the Oil & Gas Sectors

Droplet separation - Efficient separation of liquids from gasses as well as liquids from liquids is a critical factor to ensure the smooth running of process equipment whilst maximising profitability. Our separation technologies offer the possibility to achieve high separation efficiencies whilst maintaining low pressure drops with no moving parts. We supply knitted wire mesh mist-eliminators, coalesced units as well as complete vessels with internals.

Thermal insulation - Shannon custom-made thermal insulation pads are ideal for the protection of personnel end equipment from the effects of high-temperature emitted from gas turbines, exhaust outlets, valves and pipework.
Vacuum Lifting

Products for Vacuum Lifting Systems

Shannon is the UK's number 1 supplier of vacuum lifting tubes for the materials handling industry. Our tubes are renowned for their high-quality and longevity, commonly used in vac-lift systems where a single operator can lift in excess of 500kg.

Most common sizes of vacuum lifting tube and associated vacuum air-transfer hose are kept on-stock for fast delivery.
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